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Spiritual Terminology

Spiritual Terminology

CLAIRVOYANCE: Clear seeing of spirit people within the mind, sometimes this may also be clear seeing of spirit objectively.

CLAIRAUDIENCE: Clear hearing of spirit voices within the mind. This may also happen objectively.

CLAIRSENTIENCE: Clear sensing within the mind of spirit.

MEDIUM: A medium is a person who is in communication with spirit

DOWSING: Is the using pendulums, rods or other devices to divine for water, minerals, energy lines, ley lines etc.

PSYCHIC: A psychic works without spirit intervention. They read a persons own aura energies.

AURAS: Auras are fields of energy, which are found around every living thing. See our aura page for further details!

CHARKA: Charka are spinning wheels of energy that allow psychic and spiritual development and spiritual communication to happen.

TRANCE: Trance is a altered state of awareness. There are many forms of trance but the state of trance allows spirit to talk directly through the medium

TRANSFIGURATION: The mediums features change to that of the spirit communicator

PSYCHOMETRY: This is the reading of an object by its auric energy. This is a psychic tool and has nothing to do with spirit. But a medium will be able to get a spirit link often by holding a personal item of the reader.

APPORTS: Objects that are transported by spirit from one place to another.

TELEKINESIS: Causing the movement of and object by psychic forces. This is not done by spirit.

CIRCLE: This is the modern day format used for spiritual development, i.e. people sit in circle to develop through meditation and other practises. In circle spirit communication is often established for the first time by the individuals sitting in the circle.

SÉANCE: An old fashioned word, which simply means gathering together to communicate with spirit.

TABLE TILTING: this is an old method of communicating with spirit which involves a number of individuals sitting around a table linking and inviting spirit to communicate. This is done by the moving or wrapping of the table by spirit.

OUIJA BOARD: this is an old Victorian method of communication with the spirit world. It is not a common method of spirit communication now days.

GHOSTS: Are disincarnate spirits who have not left the earth plan after physical passing for whatever reason. There are many types of ghosts, we shall shortly be opening up a ghost page listing the different types of ghost and hunting’s you can have.

POLTERGEISTS: This is a spirit that is causing physical activity in a room or a building etc by his/her actions.