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Why is grounding important?

It protects the bodies charka's and meridians from becoming overloaded with universal energy or and being damaged by such over loads.

How Do I Ground Myself?

Firstly it is important that when you meditate and work with the spirit realm that you make sure that some part or your anatomy is on the ground making contact with mother Earth.

If you are sitting in a chair meditating do not cross your legs make sure both the soles of your feet are touching the ground.

Then make sure that your spine is straight, No Slouching!

When you have done those three things then visualize coming out of your feet white coloured roots like the roots of a tree. Spread these roots out deep into the ground all around you. This will make sure you will stay grounded.

When you finish working simply visualize the roots coming back up through the ground into your feet.

Your meditations will be better and more rewarding if you ground as the energies you connect into will flow through you rather than building up like a dam waiting to burst.