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Please read the code of conduct at the top of the chat room page before entering the chat room suite.

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Rules for Readers

Always act in a professional, caring, and compassionate manner. Treat your readers like you would want to be.

Make sure the person understands that they have choices.

Never insist on reading for someone that does not want it.

No one should attempt to scare or forewarn of events that might frighten someone else.

No predictions of death, lingering illness, or birth defect are to be given.

All information given should be with the greatest courtesy and concern for the person being read for.

Make no pregnancy predictions.

Information given in the reading is between the reader and visitor.

Readings should be kept as uplifting as possible, to install hope and confidence in the future. Always Respect all others in what you do.

Readings done in the open rooms are to be no more than 15 minutes in length.

Readings are not to be given in private chats. The purpose of this site is to help members and visitors to learn and develop their own gifts. Openness, honesty, and the ability to watch someone else's gifts in action is of benefit to all.

Give solid evidence remember CERT Contact, Evidence, Reason for return and tidy it all up!

People must be 18 or older to read or to receive readings.

Rules for Healers

Healers should be aware of the following site guidelines; we feel that these are as much for your protection as it is for the person you are working with.

Always ask the person's permission before starting any healing process.

Prepare the person for the healing by telling them what they may expect to feel during the session.

Try to have at least one member of staff present in the healing room during a healing session.

Make sure that you do not tell the person that the healing you are about to give can replace any existing or future regular medical doctor's treatment.

Constantly reassure the person during a session, and check that they are happy and desiring for you to continue.

Do not give healing in a private chat room. This is against the site policy and could lead to a copy and paste, "run and tell", scenario. This is for your own protection.

After the healing is finished make sure that you tell the person that they may experience various symptoms, from sheer happiness to emotional outbursts of all kinds. Crying is common and is completely natural. You will know what to say.

Please do not discuss the healing session with anyone else unless the person has given his or her express permission for you to do so.

Above all, show love, compassion, and listen to the person carefully if they wish to talk. That maybe all they really want. Then they are healing themselves, and that lesson is one that only they can learn.

When healing, do not attempt to relate what Spirit may be telling you; you need to do that at another time when the person is not so potentially emotional. In simple terms DO NOT give clairvoyance during healing.

* Note: Additional rules may be added at any time.