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We develop naturally all throughout our lives but their are techniques that we can use to help that development, PSYCHOMETRY is one of those tools.

PSYCHOMETRY is all about reading the aura of every day objects such as jewellery and other personal belongings. There are a few things you need to remember though these are:

1. The harder you try the less you will get!

2. If you become over confident your ego will take over leading to your confusion!

3. Never put a person you are reading for in an embarrassing position!

4. Become aware of the way you relate to people!

When practicing Psychometry you will need to work through a list of areas to build up your reading this can later be used to form the basis of your mediumship.

PERSONALITY: It is important to bring back understanding.

ACHES & PAINS: This is useful as people relate to aches and pains and when working with spirit its provides some evidence of a person if they suffered or passed from a medical condition.

NAMES: A must correct names help tremendously in mediumship.

COLOURS: This will enable you to describe the deceased’s cloths and hair or eyes colour or the readers likes and dislikes regarding colours.

DISLIKES: Helps with showing the character of a person and can pinpoint a specific person.

DESIRES: You will need to learn and understand the difference between a persons desires (WANTS) and going into the future.

 The sorts of questions you may wish to ask when practising Psychometry are listed below!

1. What is a favourite food?

2. What is a favourite colour?

3. What is the occupation of the person?

4. Do they have a pet?

5. What is a favourite hobby?

6. What food is a dislike?

7. Name of a related female?

8. Name if a related male?

The above questions are only a suggestion and I am sure you can come up with a set of your own simple questions that are as good or better!

Psychometry plays a pivotal role in your psychic & spiritual development.